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by Tim Henderson

"Well, you know, here's the thing. You and I have talked many times about why does Rob step away from Priest? Why does Bruce (Dickinson) step away from MAIDEN? Why does Vince (Neil) step away from CRUE? All of us, I think, are looking for opportunities to do things that we wouldn't feel the right in the bands where we come from, the bands where we at the end of the day genuinely need to be, and need to belong at. So, all of us tend to talk about things and express ourselves in a personal, private way, and this is my offering on that side of my life. That side of my life is important to me, quite frankly, and I use it ever day. The fact that I'm still clean and sober over two decades later. You can't do something like that by yourself. That whole system is based on this belief in some kind of higher power, whatever it might be. So I understand that I need that in my life, and it's important to me, and it gets results. So that's tied into just this belief system that I've got. And again, which I believe many metalheads and rockheads have got as well. It's just something we don't talk about that much. I think that I'm offering some music here that covers those feelings that we probably don't want to talk about but we're very happy to listen to the music that talks about it."

Well, getting back to the actual music, it must have been a challenge to balance the metal vibe with this style of music without making a mess of it.

"Yes, and again it's all due to what the band did instrumentally. I mean, you take a song like 'We Three Kings' and you listen to the church organ arrangement and the MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR arrangement and all of these other beautiful arrangements and you go, well what can we do with it? The simple matter is, again, if it's a great song, it'll take any kind of treatment, won't it. Who'd have thought that JOAN BAEZ and an acoustic guitar with 'Diamonds And Rust' would turn into a metal rock classic. So there's your foundation, there's the guts of all the songs that we've covered. They're just wonderfully well made or crafted pieces of music, and it's just your turn to dive in and put your moniker on it and give it your own stamp.

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