Do We Have To Talk About Christmas?! "Yes We Must" Says JUDAS PRIEST Singer ROB HALFORD Page 6
by Tim Henderson

Let's get personal just for a moment and talk about some of the Christmas memories that you have going back to your childhood in the UK. Whether it be food or gifts or family, or certain traditions and celebrations, and the excitement of actually getting into December and the glee and the happiness. Can you talk about that with us?

"Yeah, I can, and to be honest I think it's pretty much a straightforward story that everybody relates to. I mean, however, growing up in the UK in the early '50s as a kid is certainly a lot different now to kids growing up in today's world, it's a different world entirely. However, I was born in 1951, so the remnants of World War II were still really heavily visible all over the country. So the country was rebuilding itself, but there was this great sense of relief and optimism and hope for the future. So I remember feeling that atmosphere, even as a kid as some of my earliest memories. And again, it's typical. As a kid, all you want to know is how many presents are you gonna get. How many are gonna be under the tree. You totally believe in Father Christmas a hundred percent. You lay awake all night, you can't sleep. You're awake, you might doze off for a couple of hours but you're wide awake and it's still pitch black outside. And you've been forewarned not to go downstairs, because Father Christmas might be there and you'll piss him off. And so it's this wonderful combination of, you know, different feelings and excitement and anticipation and that's that. And then the day comes and you rip all your gifts open and you go crazy playing with what you've got, and then you have your Christmas dinner and you're with your family and your relatives and friends, and it's just a really good vibe. And most of us recreate that year to year to year, don't we? And I think that was the essence of the lyric and the song that I wrote for 'Christmas For Everyone'. I thought about that, and thought about those memories, those early memories, when I put the lyrics together for that track, so I think that I've probably conveyed some of those feelings into that song with those metal memories."

Is there any gift that sticks out that you were given as a child that was larger than life?

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