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by Tim Henderson

"(Laughs) I think it was a monkey on a piece of elastic band. Like, a monkey made out of chalk. I'm being serious. Was that a Christmas gift? I think it was. Me and my sister had one. There's a very very famous photo of us holding hands together, I think we were about four, three or four years of age and we're holding hands together and we've got, we've both got these monkeys that are made out of chalk on a rubber band, covered in fake fur, probably illegal fake fur from a dead cat or something from China (laughs). I remember we played with them and then I realized it was chalk, so I could write with it, so when I knew that I just smashed its head in to draw on the pavement. An evil child."

Do you go back to England at this time of the year, around Christmas, to spend time with any friends or family.

"I always do, yeah. More so than ever now, 'cause my mom and dad are getting on in age and I think you treasure and value your immediate family more the longer they live and the longer you live, you know. I think that you can't help but getting more sentimental. I mean, what's wrong with that? Makes you know that you've got a heart in your bag of bones. So yes, that's what I'll be doing this Christmas. And I'm usually the soundtrack guy, so I'm always collecting Christmas music and it's always playing in the background, even your stuff, even some of the heavier stuff to kind of balance it."

Were you fond of any of the famous Christmas cartoons?

"Oh, yeah, Frosty The Snowman and The Grinch, yeah. Both the animation one with Boris Karloff's voice and the Jim Carrey one, the movie. And whatever else there is, you know, there's just a handful of classics that you just, you know, again, you're not really watching them, you know, because you're with family and friends, but they're on the telly in the corner."

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