Do We Have To Talk About Christmas?! "Yes We Must" Says JUDAS PRIEST Singer ROB HALFORD Page 8
by Tim Henderson

And we must touch on what may be for some, the highlight of Christmas - the food!

"I'm just a pig. I'm a metal pig. I just love it all and at my time of life you've gotta be really careful, you know, with the middle-age spread. So I have to really watch what I eat. I think we all do in the band. (laughs) That's a good thing because you stay healthy and you want to be able to get on the bus get on the plane and go out on these world treks and that must be difficult to do if you're not in the best of shape, so at least at Christmas time I just say, "f**k it. I'm going to eat everything in sight." And that's what I do, so I'll be pigging out, regretting it the next couple of days, and then having to go not on a diet but, uh, smaller servings please, that type of thing."

You've seen the best of both Christmas worlds; the US south and the UK vibe. Explain the differences...

"It's peculiar, Phoenix at Christmas is a little strange. It does get quite chilly down there at Christmas time. But you know, to see the cactus plants wrapped up in Christmas lights is always a treat, that's kind of fun. Of course, the sun's blazing hot on Christmas day, but as I've been doing in recent years, my Christmas day will be back home in the U.K., so it'll probably be pissing down with rain. (laughs) It'll be a very Birmingham Metal Christmas, with rain and wind and you know, the metal storms going on outside while you're locked up in the warmth and comfort of your little abode. I kind of miss the seasons that happen in the UK and I know that you get the seasons in Toronto, so it's just nice to get back around that time of year just to feel cold and have to put some gloves on (laughs)."