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"It's very hard work," Halford adds about the grueling task of creating a Priest live show that will live up to fans expectations. "It's hard work and when you see it, it should look strong and powerful and should run seamlessly from start to finish, but its an enormous amount of energy and coordination, not only with just the band of course, but the crew, the band, the lights, everybody is working with us through the show. It's not just the five people on stage, as you know, there's a tremendous amount of activity going on around the five musicians. It's that side of it that really is vital to make it run like clockwork. We've just had two weeks of solid rehearsals with the material in the studio in the Midlands, where we did Angel Of Retribution, mucking in the brand new songs and the Priest classics. What we're doing now, for the next three days, is just taking all of that material and putting it into set pieces of action that happens on stage, be it the bike or the other special effects that we're bringing out again this year. We have another sensational light show and we've got all of these other bits and pieces going on that we hope are fresh and new for everybody."

Watch for a major feature on Judas Priest in the next issue of BW&BK (#87), which streets in March.