HAMMERFALL - Canada Lets The Hammer Fall! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"So what happened then was... I know there was one guy on our forum, that wrote a post, right around when Renegade was released, even before the album was out; it was when the single was out. He said 'I can't buy this single anymore. And I'm not going to buy the album. Because when I tried to do it, there was a 14-year-old girl buying the same single as me, so I cannot do that.' And that was just the start. Because Hammerfall came from nowhere, in people's minds, some people didn't think that we deserved it; some people were jealous. Because Sweden is a very jealous country (laughs). There's such a thing as a Swedish jealousy that we talk about a lot. If you're down with everybody else, no problem, but if you try to stick out a little bit, then everybody tries to put you down."

"Well, people just started getting on the internet - and not, the majority, of course, who still bought the albums; the sales increased. But the vocal minority on the internet - those are the ones you remember. So they started going off and saying, 'Oh yeah, Hammerfall is just a mainstream band now; it's not heavy metal anymore. And they only do this because they want to make money.' And that's where I draw the line. Because you can say whatever you want about our music, but the intention we have when we play it, you know, if you don't know us personally, you have no idea. Some people started saying that, that this was all about the money. And first of all, we're not making that much money. It's not like we're millionaires. And second of all, if we wanted to make money, why the hell would we start playing heavy metal?! You know, in '93 when the band was formed, there was nothing around. If you said 'I want to make money and I want to play heavy metal,' they would have laughed you out of the building."

"And all of that aside - because this is where the personal aspect of it comes in - when we started Hammerfall, it was because we wanted to have a band that you couldn't find anywhere else, at that time. There were no new bands coming out. No new bands were willing to invest in this type of music anymore, so what I felt was, the good record releases were very few and far between."

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