HAMMERFALL - Canada Lets The Hammer Fall! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"So we wanted to play this music the way we wanted it to be played. We wanted to look the way we thought, that this was cool for a heavy metal band. And we didn't really care what anybody else said. And what happened was, we went on stage at the local rock clubs and stuff like that, and people were laughing at us because the music we play and the leather and stuff. Because we were wearing leather and chains - I think you should go to a concert and should experience it and be part of it, instead of just watching somebody with your arms crossed, somebody who doesn't even look at you. The grunge way was terrible in that aspect; for me that was just horrible. Because they weren't even having fun. And being on stage is fun in my opinion."

"So all of that stuff we started doing was because we loved it. And I'll tell you, having been on stage and being laughed at is not the greatest feeling on earth, you know? But we thought, f**k everything, we do what we want to do and f**k everybody else, pretty much. And we fought through the hard times and eventually succeeded with it. And instead of what I think should be at least respect for sticking to what you want to do, instead people were like... it was like all these years didn't matter anymore, because now we were 'famous' (laughs). And that was really bothering me a lot. And, I'm wrapping it up now (laughs).Then the final straw... and around this time was where the album title came about."

"It was actually before Crimson Thunder was released, but after it was recorded. This was when Joacim was assaulted in a bar, and the only reason for this, it turned out, was that the guy didn't like Hammerfall. And I mean, what's that?! What reason is that to smash somebody in the face with a beer glass? It doesn't make sense. So, for me, that was the last straw. And so I thought to myself, that the title could make a stand at least. Because, before, when somebody said something bad about we were doing, I would always say, 'Well, that's your opinion; glad you have it. It doesn't bother me.'"

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