FRANK HANNON - Martian Metal, Frankly Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"It started off as a tongue-in-cheek concept album," sez Frank, asked about lyrics, "and it still is a concept album, in a sense. Robbie (Furiosi) is one of my best friends and he's my drummer in the group, and we were talking about the billions and billions of dollars that the Bush administration is spending on sending these probes to Mars, when they're not going to find anything out there but a bunch of rocks. So we decided, what if they found guitars up there from an ancient civilization? And all the humans that were being entranced by this giant machine that transported them up there, they discover the guitars and they bring them back to earth. So that's basically what the original concept of the album is. But then we turned it into more than that. 'Eye Of The Mind' is one of my favourite tracks on the album, and it's about how things can be so real to people, in their mind, and it is all in your mind, but you've got to let it out sometimes. It talks about a man who had the whole world in his hands, but was it all in his mind? Or was he blind? And then it goes on to, there once lived a gypsy who said she could see forever, and she spent her life staring into a crystal ball. But when it came, it was never (laughs). So you know, was it in her mind, or was she blind? But then, there once lived a man, and they drove nails through his hand, because he told the world about his father and the promised land. And it was for real in his mind, but they were blind. Because everything is real, in the eye of his mind..."

In search of eats in downtown Toronto, we turn a corner... "Now, here we go, we've got some East African food. But it's all in my mind. I'm not gonna eat there (laughs)."