HANOI ROCKS - Another Round Of Reunion
by Martin Popoff

Finnish glam legends Hanoi Rocks surprised the decadent rock world in 2003 by reuniting for an album called Twelve Shots On The Rocks - the record didn't do so hot, possibly setting to fizzle, the band's re-emergence after bowing out with a big, classic CBS-issued Bob Ezrin-produced record 20 years ago called Two Steps From The Move. But Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy are back bold and beautiful with what is actually a louder, prouder, fuller record called Another Hostile Takeover, currently available only by combing the 'net (long, hard and deep) for it.

"This one was more of a joint effort with Andy and I together starting from scratch," explains Monroe, on the cohesive but still stylistically complicated sound of the new album. "For Twelve Shots on the Rocks, I had a lot material already written as I was recording my solo album as well at that time. This one was perhaps a bit easier as I had a clearer idea on what I wanted. For the title, Andy picked this out of my lyrics to 'Back In Your Face'; you can never poke too much fun at the music industry. But yes, I think this is a great album with lots of versatility. Conny and AC locked up the band's chemistry. Now we are better and stronger as a band than ever before."

Delving into a few of the tracks, Monroe remarks that favourites include 'Hurt', 'The Devil In You', 'Eternal Optimist', 'Talk To The Hand', 'No Compromise, No Regrets' - Stiv Bators lived and died by this motto - because they are good and different... fresh! 'Reggae Rocker' was for amusement and to keep things interesting, and I'd say vocally, 'The Devil In You' was an unusual approach for me."

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