HEAVEN & HELL - Tony Iommi On Vinny Appice: "We Fired Him" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"We had done six weeks at Ronnie's," continues Iommi, "writing, and then we had a break, and we went on the Metal Masters tour with JUDAS PRIEST, for a month, and then after that, we'd done another six weeks writing at Ronnie's, and then we went into a rehearsal room and played them all live, and made sure we got them all pretty well how we wanted them. And then we came over to England, to Rockfield studios in Wales, to record. Because we wanted to basically have it all prepared and walk in the studio and play them, and tape it, really; that's how we wanted to do it. And that's what we did."

One visitor to the studio you may have heard of was a guy named ROBERT PLANT (LED ZEPPELIN). "Yeah, Planty dropped by; he came over one day." And what did he have to say for himself? "Just general, just talking about general things, what he's up to and that. You see, the good thing about Rockfield, really, for us, it's out of the way, we can all live together, we can all stay; you know, you've got all of the accommodation and everything. So you don't get bothered as such. You don't get a lot of people dropping by because it's very quiet there. And that's what we wanted. We wanted to get somewhere where we could concentrate on what we were doing. If we'd done it in LA, we would've been all over the place. But it's nice to go someplace were you can't do a lot, and not doing what you're supposed to be doing."

Now what was Vinny's (Appice - drums) role in all this? You know, besides drums. I know in the old days he was sort of keeper the riff tapes, correct?

"Yeah, well he doesn't have that job now. We fired him (laughs). No, Vinny was... I actually took my engineer over with me, Mike Exeter, that works here at my studio, and he came over, and he actually had done the engineering on this album. So we had him there. So Vinny was redundant on that side of it, so we could actually have Mike do a rough thing on the computer. He would take it all down, and it worked out that way, really. The band produced the record, with Mike, the engineer. And then after that, after we recorded the album, we went to Wyn Davis in Los Angeles, and he'd done the mixing of it, and I think he probably touched the drums up a bit. But the sounds are mostly there, I mean, as we had done them."

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