HEAVEN & HELL - Tony Iommi On Vinny Appice: "We Fired Him" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Back to Vinny, I asked Tony if the guys ever overtly said anything or noticed that The Devil You Know probably contains Appice's least complex drum performance on record.

"No. Yeah, he does... he does sometimes get a bit, fast rolls and stuff like that, but maybe he didn't want to do it this time."

So there was nobody telling him to simplify?

"No, I don't think so. We might've come across... sometimes when we were actually putting a track down, he might've gone a bit over-the-top to try something, and he would decide himself, well, I'm going to keep it a bit more simple. And we'd record it again, and he would do it a bit more simple."

"Ronnie has always amazed me, with what he does," says Tony in closing, asked about the wonder of metal mythmanship that is Ronnie James Dio, oldest warhorse working this hard in all of rock 'n' roll, let alone having to deal with the weight of heavy metal. "How he can go on and sing like that... and he doesn't warm up or anything. He just walks on and sings. Absolutely great at that. So everything amazes me with this band all around, really. We can say that about each other. How are we still doing it at this age? But you do it because you enjoy it, and with Ronnie, he enjoys it, it's part of his life; he loves to go out and do it. He's a pure professional. He doesn't want to cancel shows or anything. He wants to go to do it. It'd have to be pretty rough for him to cancel a show."