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by Martin Popoff

"Absolutely not," says hensley, asked about hitting the road as a touring band behind the new album. "That's not in our long-term thinking at all. What I want to do longer term is I want to write for film and for television. I feel immensely challenged by that prospect, and I know it's an awfully difficult field to get into. But nevertheless it doesn't deter me from seeing it as a sort of longer-term goal. I want to do everything I can to work with the record company to exploit this new album and the book as much as possible. And if that extends to doing some live performances or some original concerts, such as the one we're going to do on May 22, fine, I'll do that. I love to play live. But I have a great balance now between my real life and my musical life. And I don't want to lose that. I will give it up temporarily, if there's a compelling reason to do so. For example, going out specifically to support the record, with support from the record company. But without that, there's no reason for me to be on the road. I would just as soon spend my time at home, on the farm, and like I said, trying to see if I can find my way into that kind of closely guarded arena of movie writers and TV writers. I just think it's something I can do."

Looks like part of the plan will be for the CD and the book to be packaged together as a signed and numbered limited edition of 1000, Ken adding that "this company, Membran... they have a successful history of marketing, packaging and distributing obscure jazz and classical product. For example, one of the things that I just grabbed is a 26 CD box set of Maria Callas. With the booklet in Spanish. They do these things which other people just won't touch. And they have a rock label, which is being staffed as we speak. But right now they're using outside consultants and experts to put the whole thing on the map. So it's a company with a very serious history and a company with a great deal of commitment. And a creative partner I could only have dreamed of a year ago."

Says Ken of selling the two together, "It's not entirely original, but it is relevant. You put these two products side by side and they are so powerful. People have come up with lots of ideas and energy and they made a serious commitment to putting this on the map. And I intend to work right alongside them to work on it."

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