KEN HENSLEY - The Pain In Spain... Page 4
by Martin Popoff

And how's your Spanish coming along?

"I had a little bit of Spanish when I first got to Spain," laughs Ken. "When I first started out, but then my wife, who is Spanish, just started to refuse to translate. And she kind of forced me... I was on my own. I would say, 'Well, call the phone company.' 'No, you call them.' 'I can't!' 'Yes you can.' And she made me go shopping on my own and stuff like that. So I was plunged into total immersion and I finally got the hang of it (laughs)."

In closing, I asked Ken if he had put in a hello to Heep drummer Lee Kerslake with respect to his retirement from the business. "I did send a message to him just saying, good call, and concentrate now on getting your health back. Because it's the most important thing. But I didn't expect a reply and I didn't receive one. I'm just happy he did what he did, because he would have undoubtedly killed himself had he kept going..."

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