Metal's High "Priest" is Resurrected!
by C.J. Cain

Rob Halford is back doing metal - all is once again right in the world! I have easily survived the exodus of poseurs who decided to quit playing music that had balls (Ronnie Lee, I haven't seen you at the CMA Awards, what's up with that?), but vocal and song-writing abilities like those of Rob Halford being used for anything but metal is nothing sort of sacrilege. You don't need to worry, but you may want to cover your dog's ears, because the multi-octave and high-frequency vocals of Rob Halford return in full force on his latest release.

I am not about to do a complete review of Resurrection, as there are others on this site whose knowledge of the technical side of music puts mine to shame. I will say that from the perspective of this longtime fan, who first saw Judas Priest live in the '70s and who also saw Fight in the mid-'90s, the title track is probably the best career retrospective ever put to music. It outlines the paths Rob Halford has taken before returning to his rightful place on the altar as a metal god. I did not think I was listening to Judas Priest or to Fight - while the comparisons are sure to be made due to the unmistakable vocal similarities - Halford, the band, is a unique metal monster.

Welcome back, Rob! While life's road may be full of bumps and ill-taken detours, it's great to hear that you're back on the heavy-metal highway! While you're not "screaming for vengeance" or "just a little crazy," we always knew you were truly "made in hell!"