HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - If Wishes Were Glass Horses Page 5
by Martin Popoff

"Well, we've got a couple of members in graduate school right now," says John, dubious that you'll be seeing this immense studio accomplishment rendered live any time soon. "Sigrid is actually going to grad school for music right now. She's a classical pianist. And Mike is going to grad school for philosophy, so... and Mike tours with Slough Feg extensively, pretty much as much as he can. So that leaves them rather unavailable."

And do you do like the touring lifestyle?

"Well, you see, it's like anything. There's a way to do it and there's a way to not do it. At the point where I'm sleeping outside using my guitar case as a pillow so it doesn't get stolen, after the show, you know, that's when I start to go, I'm too old for this bullshit. Living like a bum is OK when you're in your early 20s, but I would prefer to sleep in a bed."

"But we actually can do it live pretty much," says John with respect to the logistics of recreating this plush octet of purple pieces. "I've got to find another female singer, and I think I have one. She's also classically trained, so that's important to me. And then we have a bass player, this guy Ron, who used to play in Grinch. And I think pretty sure we have a drummer, but I'm not at liberty to say right now, because we're saving that bit of news. So yeah, we've been rehearsing to play a record release show - it's going to be like a six-piece."

While you wait, you can experience the Hammers, on record, on Cruz Del Sur Music, the way it frankly should best be digested. And while you're doing that, John will make ends meet.

"As usual, I've got a whole library of ideas," he says, already looking ahead to the next opus daydream, also asked also about what he does for work outside the band. "I've got some lyrics, and I've been doing a little bit of writing for EQ Magazine, reviewing audio software. I do a lot of freelance writing. I do freelance music for video games. In fact, I've contributed 22 original songs to the Sims franchise, ranging from thrash metal to goth pop to nu-metal to pop music. I've done just about everything for them, every kind of music. Well, not every kind of music - no country. I also do some writing for the iTunes music store, and I compile lists of essentials for the iTunes music store. And I do sound for bands, live. What else do I do for money? Whatever. Why, do you need your lawn mowed or anything? Yeah, I can mow the lawn and then I can compose an opera about it (laughs)."

See www.hammersofmisfortune.com or www.cruzdelsurmusic.com for more.