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By Martin Popoff

As stated, the current release for the band is the covers album Tribute To The Gods, a stand-alone single CD set that was also included as part of the mammoth Dark Genesis box set. Jon offers some comments on the album. "Oh, it was fun, no doubt about it. You know, people were saying, well, Iced Earth jumped on the bandwagon doing this. Well, this was something I talked about doing before my career was... before I even had a record deal. I always thought it would be cool for the band to do songs from our past. It's not like we just jumped on the wagon. It's something we always wanted to do. And I think anybody who knows Iced Earth, we don't give a f**k about what other people do; it's not really our way. But I think it was fun, and it's one of our albums I enjoy listening to. You know, I don't listen to Iced Earth stuff much. It just doesn't, you know... I create it, I'm completely consumed by it in the baby stages all the way through to the end, and then have to go out and play it live, so it's not something I do in my off time (laughs). But this one, because it's other bands' songs, it's fun to listen to. I mean, I listen to it while I'm driving around and I think I have more than any other album we've done. And for the amount of time we spent on it, it really came out cool. It's got a raw sound and those are the bands I wanted to be on there. Although Floyd was one I wanted to do; we were going to do 'Another Brick In The Wall' but for the amount of time we had... we also talked about doing 'To Tame A Land' by Maiden or 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner', some of the big epics."

What else did you think about doing? What is the alternate covers album that might have happened?

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