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By Martin Popoff

On Horror Show, what is the song that is perhaps the least characteristic, the one most out of your comfort zone?

"I don't think there is one. I would say the song that is the most different would be The Phantom Opera Ghost, only because of the female lead vocal. And when I wrote that, that was the original concept I had for the song even before I started. I wanted to do the song in a way that you're actually having a dialogue going on. But I don't think there is anything on the album that is uncharacteristic at all. I mean, I never do that. I do what feels right to me always. These are very real emotions that go on. I don't sit down and put together a blueprint that I have to follow. I don't listen to what the label says, I don't listen to what journalists say, I don't listen to what fans say. I listen to what I say and what I feel. Otherwise, it's all a big lie and people will see through it and I have to live with these records years from now and be proud of all of them. And if I was to compromise my integrity in the slightest, then it's not me anymore and that goes against everything that I stand for."

What about a weird studio innovation?

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