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by Martin Popoff

Asked for a contrast between himself and Jon as axemen, Troy ventures that, "Jon, just as a guitar player - and I've known him long before I played in the band - Jon has his own thing. He's one of those guitar players that is lucky enough - I don't think lucky enough is the word - but you hear him, and you know it's Jon Schaffer. And that's hard to do these days. And I think he would do that no matter what he did. If he played bass or if he played drums, he would have his own sound. Because to me, it's a personality thing with him. It doesn't really matter what vehicle he uses to get his art out, it's going to be Jon Schaffer all the way. And me, I'm a guitar player's guitar player, while he's a songwriter. But he has his great... you know, he has tons of technique and tons of tone and all that, but it's two different things. I like going out and listening to a guitar lead. I'm the guy, I'll go get the new Van Halen album and I'll be fast-forwarding and listening to the guitar breaks and stuff, and he's a songwriter.

It's always been a percussive band, almost a jackhammering thing... "I've heard Jon say before, he's basically a drummer on guitar. Because he is. He attacks the guitar; that's part of his personality and his own thing coming through. I mean, he is very percussive, and as far as the speed with which he can do it at - f**king amazing."

Big change has been the adoption of baby - and on this day, hung-over - Block into the ranks, the man proving himself as a pure metal force through his helmsmanship of Saskatchewan's Into Eternity, and now so beautifully aligned with a band that... well, if Stu's vocals and frontman style WERE a band, it would be Iced Earth - it's that copasetic, athletic and prophetic.

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