ICED EARTH - Boogie With Stu Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Back to Block at the monitors, we pushed Jon for a comparison of Stu and what he does, versus past Iced Earth mouthpieces...

"He is his own guy, completely," muses Jon, offering a last Iced Earth sentiment, before we close out our chat with a half hour of new world disorder. "There is no question of that, and that's why I hired Stu. Because he has the vocal abilities to do the things with his voice that those guys were asked to do. I mean, it was very easy to produce Stu, but from the standpoint of just being a force, he's got his own thing going completely. He's genuine, he's powerful, he's involved and he's energetic, and he wants to do this. He wants to be here. With Stu, what you see is what you get, and he's happy to be here. There is no like, well, I'm going to use this as a launching pad for my solo career, or have other ulterior moments, or I'm halfway committed. He's 100% in, and that's what the band needs, and that's what the fans want. This is a band now; we have a group of guys now who are there for each other. Everybody wants to be here and there are no ulterior motives. It's just about... we're in this for the right reasons, and people can see that. They can feel it."