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By Martin Popoff

Actually, and this was Jim's idea, and I loved it. In Jeckyl & Hyde, there's a part in the bridge, where it's basically Matt doing the lyric of Dr. Jeckyl and I'm doing the part of Mr. Hyde, and they miked my voice out of phase and it's so freaky. If you get in front of your stereo and try to find that perfect field of stereo, depending on how you have your speakers angled, if you have them at a slight angle and you get back three or four feet and you're right in that spot, it will almost sound like my voice is coming from behind. And it will f**k with your head. It is so cool. It was something that I had never heard of before and when Jim heard the part he said, 'oh man, I've got an idea for that.' And he explained to me how it worked and it's wild. If you have a receiver that can actually switch to mono, my voice disappears completely. Because it's panned so far wide and it's miked out of phase that it just does this freaky thing. If you listen to it with headphones, it will f**k with you also. But the main thing is, and the reason I haven't really talked about it that much, is that I wanted it to be one of those things where the kids will just discover it, like a year from now. You know, they have the record, and say they're walking through their living room at just the right time and that's playing, it will be like 'f**k, what the f**k!?' because it messes with your head big time. You sit there and go, 'my God, something is not right here. What just happened?' It's a very weird thing."

Why did you pick this lyrical theme for Horror Show?

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