IGNITOR - Roll The Bones Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Good metal music. Pure metal music, all necessary ingredients accounted for. Turns out none of this is an accident, as grinding epic closing track 'Reinheitsgebot' would attest, mug raised, with an eye to the integrity of the amber housed inside.

"I personally am very fond of 'Reinheitsgebot,'" says Stuart. "I like it just because it turned out to be one of the more straight-up power metal songs on the record. I'm really, really into beer, probably more than I ought to be, but I drink a lot of beer. And I noticed that most of the beers I enjoy tend to be in accordance with Reinheitsgebot, which is a Bavarian purity law which says that you can only have water, malted barley, yeast and hops in beer, or you can't call it beer. And I had this idea that metal kind of should have its own Reinheitsgebot. You know, because it seems like people are pretty willing to throw just about anything into a song and say it's metal. And I think it's totally fine - play whatever music you want. But there should be a little bit of truth in advertising, and unless it has screaming vocals and lead guitars and, well, pretty much double kick drumming, it's kind of hard to call it metal. It's fine if you want to call it rock, or hard rock. So that was kind of the idea behind the song. It's the idea of 'metal is the law' and you really don't want to screw around with it (laughs)."

"That is a problem," divulges Laurence in closing, asked if this is a band that can hit the road and criss-cross the metal nation - on the road of bones - in a van. "We are all older, late 30s and 40s, and we all have mortgages and jobs that we need to pay our mortgages, and unfortunately rock 'n' roll isn't a good business where you can do that. So I don't imagine that we will ever really be able to do extended tours. But what we would really like to do is start doing shorter things, like a week long or maybe slightly longer, just kind of jaunts out. And certainly we would like to try hits more festivals in Europe. Who wouldn't want to do that? Even if we had to pay for the tickets ourselves, it would be worth doing because it's just so insanely fun."

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