TONY IOMMI - "The Only Time I Really Listened To Ronnie's Stuff Was The RAINBOW Days" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Were there are certain things that inspired you about what he was doing with that band?

Iommi: "Not really. I mean, you know, the only time I really listened to Ronnie's stuff, was with the RAINBOW days, to listen to his voice. But I wouldn't say, I mean, he'd done some great stuff, Ronnie, no question about that, but as a question, to get inspired, I get inspired when we all get together and start playing, really."

Something I always found interesting, and I never got a comment from you, this whole idea of Sharon being more or less, 'Hey, go ahead and do this. Everybody's gotta earn a living.' What exactly is Sharon's view of this whole Heaven & Hell thing?

Iommi: "There's no view. I mean, it's a separate thing. That's why we wanted to do what we're doing now, going out as Heaven & Hell and not infringe on the Black Sabbath thing so there is no comeback. You know, that's a separate issue. We kept the Black Sabbath thing with OZZY, and we want to do something where, we stand out our own. You know, we don't have to go out and play 'Iron Man' and 'Paranoid' and all those. We're under Heaven & Hell, and we're doing all the stuff we did with Ronnie, and we quite enjoy that. Really good. Because some of it got neglected when we were doing the Ozzfests and all that, because we played 'Iron Man' forever. And it was a great challenge, I think. I thought it was a really different thing to do. Do a different name, not playing old stuff. We jumped in the deep end and it really worked."

Does Ronnie have any sort of relationship with Sharon? Or are all the relationships with all of you guys really without Dio?

Iommi: "Ronnie doesn't see Sharon. No, he doesn't see her. We see her occasionally. I still talk to Ozzy lot. I still talk to Ozzy once a week or so. He calls up and I call him; we stay in touch. Find out what each other are doing and that. So there is no bad vibe with anybody. That's the great thing there. We all get on well, so there are no complaints of any kind, really."

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