TONY IOMMI - "The Only Time I Really Listened To Ronnie's Stuff Was The RAINBOW Days" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Any extra b-sides, or tracks that are getting released at all?

Iommi: "No. We can't do that this time. We've just done the album, and we thought well, we don't want to do any extra bonus track thing again. Because they basically disappear; you never hear of them again."

Did you have any working titles besides The Devil You Know?

"For the album? No, actually Geezer (Butler) came up with Devil You Know; he came up with that title. And there are some others he came up with, some funny ones, but that one really appealed to me straight away, and the same with Ronnie. We said 'oh yeah, that's good.'"

Can you remember the other titles?

Iommi: "No. And if I could, I wouldn't tell you, because it's Geezer's typical humour."

Anybody voice any of their own sort of things about the philosophical direction they wanted the album to go? Vinny (Appice), Geezer, I mean, did any of them say I really want to revive the spirit of a certain album? Or certain kind of sound?

Iommi: "No, I think with us is, we got together and played, and whatever, that's what I say about doing all the CDs, the idea of the initial, everybody doing their own little bits that they present, on CD, and then you say yes, that sounds good. And we went on that thing yeah, yeah, I like that part, let's work on that one. And then everybody did it. So that was the decision; there was no sort of saying, oh we want to do this, you want to do that. We want to sound like this or want to sound like that. Whatever we liked on the CD, the initial riff, or whatever we liked that we made up then and there. And that's what we worked on."

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