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by Martin Popoff

I asked Tony if he's ever wondered why he has this penchant for the slow, looming and doomy. "Yes, I have. It's just a natural thing that comes up. I'm very aware of that and I'm actually even more aware of it now, because we're on the Sabbath tour. The set is very mid-paced. And we had in the past done fast stuff - certainly with Dio we've done some fast stuff as well. So probably the next record with Glenn, I shall certainly introduce more up-tempo stuff."

What did Kenny Aronoff bring to this experience? Was he a Sabbath fan? Was he well versed with the catalogue?

"Well, Kenny had worked with me before when I had done the last Iommi album, and I was really impressed with his attitude and the way he plays, the enthusiasm he's got. And I thought that would be just great to get Kenny on an album so he plays on all of it. I'm really serious; his enthusiasm is fantastic, and he's really keen to do it. It made a big difference to us when we were in the studio because he's so quick. Because doing these tracks live, you've got to have someone who's not going to want to do it 25 times, and I found Kenny was really on the case, and he had done it really, really quick. But his attitude was in the right place. He loves playing; he has to play, which again, goes for Glenn - he's the same. He perked me up as well; it got me going 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.' It's really good fun and I really enjoyed it. So altogether it was a great team, and everybody sort of edges everybody else on."

Does it look like Kenny would tour the album with you?

"Oh absolutely. He calls me up every week saying, 'Oh, when are we going to go?' (laughs). No, he's really keen on doing it, which is really brilliant, and he's such a nice guy, and we get on well. I think it would be really interesting to go out. For me, it would be the first time I'd been out not under the Sabbath banner."

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