IOMMI - Doomed? Page 3
by Martin Popoff

As has been tracked in these pages over the last few issues, Tony and Geezer have both been imagining taking their bands out for a tour together once the drama of being Black Sabbath was over.

"Well, the next plan once we finish this, is of course that I would want to go and tour with Glenn and Kenny. We don't know about Geezer. Geezer's mentioned it. Sometimes Geezer says things, but when it comes to it, he says, 'Oh, I don't want to do it now' (laughs). But I assume he would. He's really enjoying playing and I've seen him more enthusiastic than I have for a long time; he's been very good. But it would be nice to do stuff together, so we'll see."

"It's never seemed to have worked for a long time with Ozzy doing two nights in a row," surmises Tony, turning attention to the Sabbath frontman and the perils of that job. "He's just not able to do it. He likes to put everything into the show he can, and I think by doing two nights in a row, he puffs himself out and wants to have a break in between. I think he just wants to finish the shows and have a bit of a break, really. I think he probably needs that. We've been out for four months now or whatever it is. And I think he's going to have a little break after this, which will do him well."

Keep your eye on for Tony's next move of doom.