JACK RUSSELL - If Not For Love Page 2
By Mitch Lafon

A track that Jack is particularly proud of is 'Don't Know Why' which was written in his father's memory, "I had written for my father because he had just passed away. He had Alzheimer's for six years and it was about that. Having lived your whole life, not being able to recall it and how tragic it is. You're nothing without your memory. Without that what's the point of even being alive? It was very sad and it's a tribute to him. I'm also dedicating the entire album to him."

As for Great White's demise Jack offers the following explanation, "I had done so much with Great White. We had accomplished what we set out to accomplish and even more so than we expected. It came to a point where we were beating a dead horse. It was never going to attain the success it once had. I'm not going to kid myself; that's just the way the music business is. We had a lot of great times, we had a lot of success, we toured the world and then some. But now I feel it's time to do something a little different. When we got back together with Mark, we decided that this was not the time to do another record. Maybe in five years from now it'll have some value. Who knows? I'm not saying Great White will ever get back together again, but we'll leave that door open."

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