JEFF YOUNG - "When Are You Gonna Shred?"
by Martin Popoff

Ex-MEGADETH guitarist JEFF YOUNG has had one of those pretty inspiring post-fame careers, even if it's been more or less under the radar... of rock fans, anyway. No, after his acrimonious split with Mega-Dave back between the one album he was on, 1988's So Far, So Good... So What!, and 1990's Rust In Peace, Young has essentially distinguished himself as one of the top flamenco artists in the world.

But now he's back, after doing that, as well as a more significant life event, beating testicular cancer, which took him out of the game for a number of years. Consider this a "welcome back" call from the metal community, one that is going to be able to hear Young perform again using, in fact, all his guises.

"Equilibrium, I'm just kind of letting it have a life of its own," begins Jeff, starting with his solo album of 2010. "So I'm looking for a licensing, distribution thing for that. Let it take care of itself. Because that took a long time to create that album, and there's a lot there for people to discover. Because I'm kind of plugging in here, after two years, back in the business after my cancer... I kind of lost two-and-a-half years of my life there. So I moved back out here to Los Angeles just two years ago, and started just kind of plugging back in after being away from the industry for a while. So Equilibrium is still there, and I've now got 'Monsoon', so that's side A of the coin. And that was all kind of really driven just from the desire to do instrumental music and get back doing something electric, you know, kind of doing what the fans have been asking me to do since Megadeth, I guess-hundreds of e-mails every month, people saying, when are you gonna shred?"

The kind of guitarist Jeff Young is now... well, if you listen carefully to the Megadeth leads he did 25 years ago, he was actually that kind of guitarist then too...

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