JOE LYNN TURNER - Rock 'n' Roll Librarian
by Martin Popoff

Consummate east cost crooner JOE LYNN TURNER (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, DEEP PURPLE) has generously provided his time to the John Entwistle Foundation, a charitable organization formed by Steve Luongo, drummer in the legendary WHO bassist's solo band for well on 15 years, before JOHN ENTWISTLE's death on June 27th, 2002. Having put together benefit concerts for hurricane relief, his latest mission to help provide music education and instruments to be accessed through the library system, primarily in lower income areas.

Currently, there are two high profile streams to raise funds for this worthy venture, one being the "Classic Rock Cares" concert series with some heavy duty names behind it, Joe of course, plus MARK FARNER (GRAND FUNK) and both Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams, singer and bassist, respectively, for a little pop combo known as AC/DC. Secondly, in conjunction with the shows, there are meet 'n' greets (with choice seats for the shows) being auctioned off through eBay. See on the bidding process, and for general info on the upcoming shows.

"I'm on the board of advisers at this point," explains Turner, who is also celebrating his new studio album just out, called Second Hand Life. "What happened was with the John Entwistle Foundation, is that we were doing some shows down in Florida, with Steve Luongo who was John's drummer and cofounder of this foundation. We were doing some charity work for the JE Foundation and also Robin Zander's foundation, and also, I believe, oh, let's see, we had Eddie Money out there, and there was Make A Wish Foundation and whatnot, Katrina. It was like six months of doing a lot of charity work... autism, cancer, whatever."

"And I looked at Steve and said, 'Why don't we just make this thing huge for the Entwistle Foundation, and do something with this properly?' So we enlisted Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams from AC/DC, who are wonderful guys by the way, honestly, just wonderful, genuine down-to-earth people. And they were so willing to help out. So we tried to take this thing to a bigger level at first, with all the agencies and whatnot. And none of the agencies would have us - it struck them as absurd. It wasn't real to them. I guess they didn't believe us, and they turned us down. And now, we've done about... I guess we're doing eight or ten shows, and they're all over us! This thing is on fire."

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