JOE LYNN TURNER - Rock 'n' Roll Librarian Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"The Internet has caught hold of it. For example, we're in New York again tonight, and there are French journalists flying in, we've got Sony there, we've got the AC/DC management people there. We've got all kinds of people coming out to see this show, and all of them go away shaking their head saying 'This is one of the most amazing shows we've ever seen.'"

"So it really started... not as a whim, but just trying to make the foundation and try to help underprivileged children. Because that's what the John Entwistle Foundation is. We buy musical instruments and education for underprivileged children. We use the libraries as our delivery system because with the schools there are too many politics, and they can get lost in there. Just like the government - because the government doesn't do anything. So we're trying to keep kids off the street and stop them from smoking crack and hanging out on the corner. Give them a dream, give them something else... an alternative."

See for more on the foundation and for more on Joe's new album and touring plans.