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By Martin Popoff

How about a little characterization of Holy Man after some time has passed?

"I think it was a direction... first of all I like the album, I think it's a little bit to the left and to the right because again it's a solo album. This one I think is more focused in retrospect. It's more centered, more one direction. But I think Holy Man has some strengths, musical and songwriting, that I can't deny."

"Slam is just straight ahead rock 'n' roll," continues Joe on the vocal direction of the new album "It's just me. I used absolutely nobody else on backgrounds. Once in a while there will be me doubling myself and/or small harmony parts, which I do. Otherwise I used to use girls on certain bluesy sounding things and it really coloured the record differently. I think in turn, this record sounds more hard rock, just heavier, because there's none of that fluff, none of that fluff at all. It's just right up in your face. And it's a really thick-sounding record too, very powerful. I think you can compare it to lots of other records. I played it next to Aerosmith and they all sound thin compared to this record."

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