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By Martin Popoff

Elsewhere, Joe's got the Hughes Turner Project - HTP - to contend with, as well as continued touring with The Voices Of Classic Rock (see for the complex details).

"I'm sitting here at my desk and I just broke the tape on five new songs, so that's great. These are songs that Glenn sent me, five new tracks. So we're frantically writing and we'll probably end up writing 12. And he's all excited about it as well. This album will go under the name HTP, Hughes Turner Project, that's what we're using and I don't think we're going to get any fluff about that. And probably that's what we're going to tour as as well. The thing is, Glenn's album is just coming out, which is really strange because it was done six months ago. See, the timelines... we were supposed to do Hughes Turner Project first, then we were supposed to do the solo albums. And then his record company, SPV got all crazy or something and demanded that he turn in his record. And then they don't release it for six months. It's really strange to me, and him of course. He's pissed off about it. So obviously were going to have to allow these records to breathe for a good six or seven months before the HTP albums come out."

And all this goes on in between the pretty cool phenomenon known as The Voices Of Classic Rock, which puts together a fluid line-up of old veterans to run through their many hits. I saw 'em. Pretty damn inspiring.

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