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By Martin Popoff

"Well luckily, we've arranged this project that Glenn and I are doing around the dead times," notes Joe. "As a matter-of-fact, October 13th, we have to be in Santa Fe, which means we'll leave right from L.A. and hit Santa Fe with VCR, and then about five days after that I get to come home to the East Coast and five days after that we go down to South America for ten dates. And this time we do more or less the East Coast like Brazil, places like that."

What funny stuff has gone on throughout these VCR tours?

"Always," laughs Joe. "I mean, we play a lot of corporate shows as well. There are all kinds of things going down. Sometimes we play to 25,000 people in a soccer stadium, and then other times we'll play a corporate show for really big money but most of the guests are so burned-out from a week of conventioneering. Like we were just down in Florida - this was extremely funny to me anyway - there were only about 100 people left in the room that we played to, and we invited them all up on stage. And we had all these freaking people up on stage, video screens going. I mean this place was elaborately done and they were the only hardcore players left. I guess everybody else passed out, went back to their rooms and we got everybody on stage for 'Smoke On The Water' and it was absolutely chaotic and hysterical. And it's on videotape somewhere; they videotaped whole thing. I mean, this isn't hilarious, but if you understand the position we're put in to play these things, it's kinda straight-laced. You have to worry about what you're going to wear and all this stuff. To have an audience like that, like they had 500 people there, and only 100 of them stayed, simply because they're burned-out."

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