JOHN LAWTON - Uriah Heep Singer On The Rocks! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Into the future, John is continuing to stay active. "Yeah, I'm doing a lot of guest stuff. We're going over to Brazil, hopefully in the new year and doing three or four dates with some Brazilian musicians that have nothing to do with the new CD. I've been invited to go over there and sing with some Brazilian musicians, doing basically John Lawton stuff, Lucifer's Friend, Uriah Heep. There seems to be a call for it, so that's the next plan, and I've got some things coming up next year, Germany again, stuff like that. I do a lot of special guest appearances with European bands. Yeah, it works out well - good fun."

See for more information, and as one final tidbit, part of John's future plans just may include some manner of Lucifer's Friend reunion!