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by Martin Popoff

Drummer Scott Travis looks back on the tour that produced this DVD and muses on getting out there and playing live. "What gets me up for it? I don't know. I mean, when you tour and when you travel, the two hours of the night when you play live is definitely the highlight of the day, so it doesn't take a lot to inspire you. The other 22 hours in the day are pretty monotonous; they're spent sleeping or traveling or eating or just doing the day-to-day things we all do as humans. But like I said, just knowing that you're going to perform that night is definitely the highlight of the day."

I asked Scott if he thinks he's applied a personal stamp to the band during his long tenure, given his new school skills versus the straight lines played by his predecessor Dave Holland.

"Yeah, I think I've made an impression on people when I've been given the opportunity, and at the same time, when I play the older stuff, which is mostly the Dave Holland era material, I like to play like he plays it. I mean, I may throw in one or two flares of my own, but for the most part, if I were a fan, and I went to see this band or any other band, that had old material, I'd want to hear it the way it was recorded, or the way I remember hearing it on the record. So in that respect, I don't change things very much from what Dave did or Les Binks, the prior drummer to Dave. And Les was a really great drummer, so some of the stuff that we do now from his era is fun to play. 'Beyond The Realms Of Death', plus we used to do 'Exciter' - that's on the live DVD, so those are pretty cool songs."

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