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by Martin Popoff

Rob also adds contour to the live situation, specifically answering to his surprisingly complicated wardrobe, and the sweltering heat he must get up to in all that gear.

"Oh yes (laughs). That comes with the gig. Again, it's all about the fans for us. We know that the fans have a built-in expectation about Priest coming to town, and for them it's a long wait. It could be a year, two years; in the reunion instance, over a decade. So we're determined, night after night to do a show that people can never forget. And that means, putting in 1000% from the stage, and looking at all the possibilities to utilize to make it a memorable night. So me doing all those costume changes and performing much the same as Glenn and Ian and KK and Scott, it's just something that needs to be done. You're out there doing a summer shed, in different parts of North America and Canada, and onstage the temperature is 120 down in Texas, and you've got to put 20, 30 pounds of leather and studs on your back. But you just do it, you know? You forget about that when you're working. It's only when you get off stage and you've lost ten pounds of sweat and you're exhausted, that you realize you put yourself through it."

Do you work out at all?

"Yeah, it's important. I think all of us are in that world now, probably more so than the early years. Because, it takes its physical toll on you. But we can't afford to go out on stage and be sluggish and slow. We really have to go out there and do the gig and let people see that we're still a very vital, physical band. I jog; it's important to do that. It's great just for the lungs, because you have to take in massive amounts of oxygen, if you're doing my show. But all of us are making sure we're in the best shape possible, to perform."

Have you ever actually taken oxygen onstage?

"Yeah, I did. That was very, very, very long ago. Personally, I don't think it really works. It's a bit of a crock. I think it's mental. I think the conditions and the surroundings play a part in that, as well. But I've had no real desperate moments. Yeah, it was just suggested that I keep an oxygen tank on the side of the stage. We're talking about 20 odd years ago. I tried it for a bit."

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