JUDAS PRIEST - A First Look At Nostradamus
Special report by Tim Henderson

The exclusive listening session for JUDAS PRIEST's much talked about conceptual monster Nostradamus was held at the Sony building on Madison Avenue in New York City May 6th. Media from around the world gathered to hear the most daring musical adventure of the UK Metal Gods' career.

We were scattered throughout the Epic offices, each with a valuable, highly sensitive watermarked copy of 140 minutes of epic metal. You won't see a review of Nostradamus quite yet - a single listen to such a monumental metallic moment wouldn't do the record any justice. From the initial set-up of 'Dawn Of Creation' and 'Prophecy', one was forced into the proper headspace. Such a project is not for the weak, but for those with an open mind to elaborate, breathtaking musical imagery.

As frontman Rob Halford grabs your arm and takes you through the life of one remarkable albeit controversial seer, you immediately revel in the magic of Priest's creativity and expertise. Guitarists Glenn Tipton and KK Downing have spent what seems to be a lifetime perfecting the project, one that truly emerges as a musical of sorts, rollercoasting its way through the 1500s where Michel de Nostredame's prophecies came to life in front of a unreceptive culture. You feel the turmoil, intrigue and haunting nature of a man who eerily predicted the future to varying degrees of accuracy. Of note, Nostradamus - the album - emerges as less of a metal force de jour, but rather an emotional high with some lows. It is an in-depth tale that will have you riveted from start to finish. 140 minutes is a daunting timeframe for a fan of music, especially in a society force-fed mere bits and pieces of throwaway entertainment. Nostradamus leaves you breathless and most certainly craving to be led down this path again and again.

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