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Special report by Tim Henderson

When asked about closing the book on the record, Downing laughs: "A sigh of relief! Myself and Glenn worked around the clock getting the record done and finished. We produced the record too. It was like giving birth - not that I know what that feels like. I can imagine when you nurture something inside you for so long, when it comes out you hope it's beautiful and has all its fingers and toes, everything that it needs! So there were some nervous times and it was relief to hand it over. It's been a lot of hard work. Initially it was great fun recording all these ideas, but then you've got to do all the kind of after-care, technical stuff. So we had to make sure that was all right. I think we went from England to Holland four times in two months. Attie Bauw (SCORPIONS), who came in on the Painkiller album and he's worked with Rob on some of his FIGHT stuff - he's a great guy and a great understander of music. He helped us mix and master the record - it was a lot of work to get everything to be as right as it can be technically. Anyway, we've done a lot of that in the past."

"It was very rewarding," Downing continues. "And the moment we got into it we thought, 'We could do movies.' When you get into the realms of that stuff, you start thinking of other opportunities. But we had to keep thinking, 'We're doing a record here.' We had a great time and finding out that these riffs that we were playing... when you transpose into violins and keyboards, it all suddenly sounds even more dramatic than just heavy guitar sounds. We had to be fearless with that combination; it was a lot of fun creating, but we had to move forward - we just had to. It's a lot of fun creating this imagery, where you could almost feel the wind off a sabre flashing across your face. When you really do crank it up it's all there. It's the closest thing to being audio-physical - I don't know if that phrase has ever been used before!"

Judas Priest will be releasing Nostradamus via Columbia Records on Monday, June 16th in the UK/Europe, and a day later in the US on Epic Records.

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