JUDAS PRIEST - A First Look At Nostradamus Page 3
Special report by Tim Henderson

In addition to the regular jewel case double CD version of the album, collectors will undoubtedly be interested in hunting down a copy of a Deluxe Double CD housed in a 48 page hardbound book package. But that's not all - a Super Deluxe Boxset version will also be available with triple vinyl, the double CD, an expanded booklet and a poster.

Nostradamus tracklisting:

'Dawn Of Creation' - 'Prophecy'
'Awakening' - 'Revelations'
'The Four Horsemen' - 'War'
'Sands Of Time' - 'estilence And Plague'
'Peace' - 'Conquest'
'Lost Love'
'Solitude' - 'Exiled'
'Shadows In The Flame' - 'Visions'
'Hope - New Beginnings'
'Calm Before The Storm' - 'Nostradamus'
'Future Of Mankind'