JUDAS PRIEST - Broken Up! Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Finally, Ian offers a few Michael Jackson-style pictures from the fairly extensive video canon of the band, offered in all its sometimes amusing glory on the DVD package. "Videos are more grueling than you think. You tend to be sitting around for ages doing nothing punctuated by a few minutes of intense activity. I think I remember on the 'Don't Go' video, I remember Rob throwing up into his space helmet one time (laughs). He does this flying thing in a spacesuit and he's up on wires and they're spinning him around and all this business and he actually threw up in the helmet (laughs). That was quite an event. And yes, on 'Hot Rockin'', Rob set his boots on fire and he couldn't put it out; he had all this jelly stuff on his palm, I think. And he couldn't get his boots off because they were hot. He was running around there until somebody found a fire extinguisher."

All that money spent on videos (not to mention the singed hairs!), is worth it though, figures Hill. "I mean, it helped to promote the album. You can add a few thousand album sales on there. So whatever you spent on the video, you would recoup it. And of course, there's always the opportunity to release the video in its own right, as we're doing now with the DVD."

A couple of European festival dates are already set up, preceding what Ian says will be a world tour. Best estimates from Hill put the release date of the first Priest album with the Metal God at the mike in over 10 years as June-ish, basically just before the summer tour cranks up. Keep watching this space for regular updates.