U.D.O.'s Stefan Kaufmann - "Fully-Automated Robot Enforcer"
by Martin Popoff

U.D.O. guitarist Stefan Kaufmann checked in recently with us concerning the band's gleaming new album Rev-Raptor, following up the chat we had with legendary throat of the band, Udo Dirkschneider, also, of course of Accept fame, as is Stef!

Rev-Raptor is a fine addition to the bulging U.D.O. catalogue, dishing precision power metal that is anthemic and pure of headbanged purpose. Modern of production as well, which, as Stefan indicates, has always been a hallmark of this band. "I think it's much more up to date than the last couple of albums," begins the drummer turned axe-wielder. "It combines our traditional way of composing and writing songs with the technical possibilities of the 21st century. The idea with the production is to deliver the highest quality product possible! We usually work more than half a year on a studio album, record at least 50% more songs than we need in order to skip the weak ones. This time for example there were four different final mixes and three different mastering versions, until we were satisfied. And of the 25 songs recorded, only 13 made it on the regular album."

Asked how U.D.O. differs from Accept (in this writer's opinion, not much, thank Thor!), Stefan figures, "U.D.O. is pure heavy metal with sometimes a twinkle in our eyes. That reflects our love to this kind of music and also the fun we have. Accept was - and is - more hard rock with some bluesy elements and a lot of sobriety."

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