U.D.O.'s Stefan Kaufmann - "Fully-Automated Robot Enforcer" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"As all the songs on new albums are our 'babies,' we love them all," continues Kaufmann, demurring on breaking the rock-solid record down. "At least so shortly after an album has been finished. Maybe in a year or so, after touring with the album, we might have some favourites. Right now I can listen to the whole album and say, 'Yeah, they're all great songs - well done!' I don't see any particularly 'strange' songs on the album. Each song has its own individual character - up tempo/ballad/groovy/etc. - and it's the fans that will rate each one."

Asked about who did more or less with respect to the writing, Stef figures, "I didn't step up, as you say, but I wrote a good part of the album. But it's still the result of the teamwork of the whole band. Jgor's solos are outstanding, and Francesco's and Fitty's groove together is a very important part of the whole performance. And I guess I don't need to mention Udo, without whom our music simply wouldn't exist!"

Final question - what the hell is a Rev-Raptor?! "Rev-Raptor again is a made up expression. Rev is the abbreviation of 'revolution' and here it means 'rotation, circumvolution, cycle rotation,', e.g. of an engine. Of course it also can mean 'overthrow, rebellion, insurrection,' which in this case you might regard as a dittology. And raptor is a top-level predator. In our case Rev-Raptor is a man-made, out-of-control almighty mechanical beast, constructed as a high-tech, fully-automated robotic enforcer. And this is exactly what you can see on the album cover (laughs)."