LEE KERSLAKE - "Sitting At Home, Not Doing Anything, Playing A Little Piano"
by Martin Popoff

I swear, holding this band back by a third at least will be its stupid name which furthermore is hard to spell.

But that would be a rich classic rock loss to fans of fine, fine rock 'n' roll, 'cos the BERGGREN KERSLAKE BAND and their debut album The Sun Has Gone Hazy... well, if you like COMPANY OF SNAKES (Stefan Berggren's old band), BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, BADLANDS, and the modern times rocket fuel versions of EUROPE and MR. BIG, you'll dig this swaggering blues metal feast.

Drummer on the project, of course, is none other than fammed OZZY OSBOURNE and URIAH HEEP slugger Lee Kerslake, but what's most remarkable about that fact is that Lee, along with BILL BRUFORD and PHIL COLLINS, were percussion people that had retired quite publically.

"Well, basically, I took a sabbatical kind of thing, to get over my health issues," says the backtracking drum whacker. "I recovered from most of them. I got 'em all back. Let's say 50% of me is healed, in its way. So I started getting really bored-bored to tears-sitting at home, not doing anything, playing a little piano, writing the odd thing. And then I got a friend of my boy in Germany said, 'I've gotta get a band together; do you want to come play some drums?' So I said yeah, I'd love to. When I got there, he introduced me to a guy named Stefan Berggren, who I know now, and we knew each other from when he was in the Company Of Snakes, Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody, from WHITESNAKE. So we got together, I loved his voice. His singing was amazing, and he's quite an accomplished guitarist as well, and I said to him, around the bar at the hotel a couple of times, I said we should get together and write. He said yeah, we should do. And we never thought anything about it until we got a gig together."

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