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by Martin Popoff

"I managed to get a gig in Helsinki," continues Lee, "and the guy wanted a duo. So I said yeah, we can do it. So we both met there, and him from Sweden, me over from England, we had a quick rehearsal and we played a show there for these people, and we loved it. And we found we could sing in tune together, and we could read each other, and whatever it was, the next day, we were supposed to fly back, and we both had late flights, 'round about 6:30 in the evening. And a my friend in Helsinki has a summer house there, and he says why don't you come back to the summer house, the two of you, we'll have some food. And I love to cook, so I said, yeah, I'll do the cooking, and I supplied the wine, and we went back there. And Stefan sort of got on the guitar and I started singing these riffs, and singing these words, we went wow, and before we knew it, we'd written two songs in about 20 minutes, the basis of a few songs. And the white wine kept flowing, wonderfully so, and we ended up with about six songs. We said we gotta do this; we gotta record these. And that's how it started. And then getting enough money to together to get over to Sweden, Stockholm, we went in a basic studio called The Kitchen, because the guy's recording studio was down in his cellar, and where you went to play was under his kitchen. And there we got a fantastic sound. Great sound. And it's very live and honest."

"We were having so much fun, and it was anything goes," laughs Lee, thrilled to be back again for all the right reasons after the demoralizing politics of his litigious situation with the Ozzy camp as well as his physical ailments. "Let's do it. And that's what came off. We would try all the harmonies... some people would say, 'Oh, it's just a glorified Uriah Heep.' It's not a Uriah Heep. It's just that I wrote some things in Uriah Heep for 35, 40 years, and there's bound to be some new material there that is mine that's going to sound like Uriah Heep because of that situation."

Likewise, elements of the under-rated original Company Of Snakes material, after that band got over being a Whitesnake cover band...

"Yeah, there is, because what we tried to do was bring it up, make it an honest album. There are mistakes in it. There are our little chuckles where I'm laughing because I'm so excited, and me and Stefan said, leave it in, let's leave them in. People love to hear a human element to music now. They're sick and tired of note-for-note perfect, so perfect you can't spot anything, find anything wrong-I call it cold steel. I like the fact that-and I've always said to anybody I've done interviews with-this album may not be perfection, but it's a bloody great album, we're proud of it and it's honest."

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