LEE KERSLAKE - "Sitting At Home, Not Doing Anything, Playing A Little Piano" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

The boys are eager to tour the record as well, believe it our not, Lee willing to drag himself even further out of retirement, and back into the clubs, foregoing the creature comforts he earned with Heep.

"Well, yeah, we're ready. We've had... we've done two premiere gigs at a club in Stockholm called The Ankra (ed. sp.?), and The Ankra is a musos club where everybody goes to be seen or to see somebody that's of any consequence. We did two shows there. We did three encores, standing ovation, and that's for the musos. So we got a raving review and everybody loved it. But the band then, you know, Joakim, Roger, David, Pomma and Stefan, all the guys... it just worked. They're all nice guys. They're all, happy, we all get along well. That's the magic I love. You know, I mean, that's why Uriah Heep survived so long, because we all got on. Me and Mickey got on like brothers, and when David was with us, we got along like brothers. It's a respect. You've got to get to learn to get on with each other, because when you're on tour, you know, you're 24/7."

Final words on the band's solid record of classic rock anthems...

"I'm so proud of it," says Lee. "Because it's just us two, and a bass player, and we had a guest player coming in to do a couple of keyboards. We did all the rest of the keyboard and strings, guitars, and harmonies-me and Stefan. And we had Pomma, a great bass player, do the back bone, do the bass. And when we heard it, we went Jesus, this is great. And I went, you know, the last time I felt like this was when Blizzard Of Ozz came out. I just went wow. And that's what I get out of it. And I've never changed from my statement: it's an honest album. I'm sure some people don't like it, but at the moment, there's a majority that do. We've had some fantastic write-ups and some ravings, I mean 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5 crowns-that's not bad for the first debut album, is it? But sure, some people have said, well it's like going back to the '70s. It's not. It's like songs of the '70s brought up to 2014. Otherwise, you know, it would be so old-fashioned even I wouldn't like it (laughs)."

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