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by Martin Popoff

"And with Mark being an unbelievable, incredible guitar player," continues thrash's Michael Anthony, "I just thought... it was so odd; we went into the rehearsal space, and I don't know, it's cliche to say, but everything just clicked on a major level. And that's what we really started working on the songs. They had them in demo form, and then we started... when I got in the band, you know, I would go down every three weeks or whatever, fly in and out, and make this thing happen. And I got to be really good friends with the rest of the guys in the band and it just felt right. It was just the obvious, natural choice, where I wanted to go - I didn't want to be in a contrived, bullshit environment. Then Vinny and I got tighter, and Dewey is singing better than he ever has. We did a little five-week run in October, and every show just got better and better and better. We just wanted to take this out into small clubs and see what kind of reaction we would get. At first they were cheering a little bit, and by the end they were sold. We would go dry off for 15 minutes or something like that, and then come out and meet all the fans coming out; it was very cool."

Subtext to all of this is Rex leaving Down, the notorious bad vibes band with Pepper that picked half a peck of Pantera. Always one to parse his words (more so now, one suspects, with an autobiography on the way), Rex ventures, "You know, I went down for the writing sessions for this next EP that's coming out with those guys. But that was the only thing that was happening. In between that certain period of time, we would be on the road for two-and-a-half years, and nothing was really going on, and I couldn't turn the switch off, and I just kind of separated from my wife and took all the furniture out of my main room of the house - you know, and it's a pretty big f**king room - and put the PA in there, and half stack and drums, and I just had different musicians from clubs here and shit like that, everybody coming in and jamming, and you know, I just wanted to make a fun jam session. In fact, I was playing guitar at the time. Which has always been a passion of mine. I can play guitar half ways decent, so it was a departure from just playing on the bass."

Rex's brief sojourn with Arms Of The Sun was the eventual result, but, weirdly, like partner in grime Phil Anselmo, getting cut wide open turned out to be part of the "musical journey" as well...

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