KILL DEVIL HILL - Black Cat Down! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"Yeah, during that period off, they diagnosed me with pancreatitis, and I'll just say now, dude, I feel better than I have in five years. I had to go in and they cut me from ear to ear, and down to my stomach, and redid the plumbing, so to speak, but I've never felt better. I kept going to the doctor saying, 'I've really got some pain here,' and they did CAT scans, they couldn't find it. I went to specialists in Dallas, cutting-edge, doing different procedures and stuff, and they did a 3-D MRI and figured out what was going on with my pancreas - stones that were blocking everything that was going on - so I went through six months worth of treatment and finally we decided just to operate on the thing, and cut that in half and get all the stones out. The pancreas is very small organ, but it's one of the major organs in the body that you just can't afford to f**k with."

But with these Down cats, there's always more... "So they kept doing these dates, and I'm like, I'm just not ready for it. Plus you know, Phil and I had been together 24 years, and I'm not going to get into the specifics, but that's a long time to play with somebody. You've got to come up with different... you know, I was ready for a change basically; I'll just put it that way."

"The album cover just kind of came from someone and we dug it," says Rex in closing, with respect to this swift-moving, expensive-sounding Kill Devil Hill self-titled, issued on a big label no less, namely SPV. "Where Kill Devil Hill comes from, all the pirates back in the day, they would sink ships and steal all the rum, and they would go bury this rum in different places that were marked, or some that weren't, and it was said that the rum was so strong that it could kill the devil. And that's where Kill Devil Hills comes from, because it's nothing but rolling hills around the ocean side, and they have a bunch of flat land over those dunes which is where the Wright brothers flew, and that's where it came from. And then Mark came up with the name, and we thought it was a pretty cool f**king name. It's just a name, man (laughs). It's like, what the f**k does Pantera mean?"