KIM MITCHELL - Max'ed Out On Amazement Page 6
by Martin Popoff

Did you pull anything new out of your toolbox, as a soloist, and did you put anything away?

"Let's see, that's a good question. I don't really know. I just sort of played to the tune. And tried to be as disinhibited as I could, without the aid of any other things, like drugs or alcohol. I just wanted to be disinhibited and relaxed. I didn't want to hang on tight. If there were any days or hours playing the guitar and I was hanging on tight, I'd go 'f**k this, let's go eat wings and drink beer.' I don't want to be holding on tight. When I'm not hanging on tight, when I'm loose and not thinking about it, there's shit just flying out of me. That's when you're going to capture me as a guitar player, at my best."

"I'm happy with it; that's all I can say," concludes Kim. "I'm not sitting there going, 'Geez, I would've thought I could do better here.' No, I'm going, 'I'm really happy with this.' It just came out the way I wanted it to. It has a ton of attitude, a ton of snot, and I like the tunes. And I love the players on it - the drumming is inspiring to me, the bass playing is inspiring to me. That alone made me want to work really hard on it and it's paid off."

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