K.K. DOWNING Interview
from BW&BK Magazine

EXCLUSIVE Studio Report - JUDAS PRIEST's Nostradamus Album Will Contain "18 Songs Clocking In At Over An Hour And A Half"

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with BW&BK Magazine 2/17, JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing took some time to discuss the band's upcoming concept album about the life and predictions of 16th-century French prophet Nostradamus.

"Myself and Glenn (Tipton - guitar) have been in the studio for the last month and a half non-stop, laying and formatting the tracks," Downing reveals before heading off to the pub! "Basically we're doing a lot of the groundwork. Roy (Z - guitarist/producer; also HALFORD, BRUCE DICKINSON) hasn't been involved in the new record as yet. He has really been quite busy with Rob (Halford - vocals) in his band as well. We'll have to see what happens on that front. Rob's already put vocals down on some of these tracks, but they've only been kind of roughed out. So, he's been refining the lyrics for the album. But the thing with this one is that the music is running an a hour and 39 minutes at the moment. So it's literally almost twice as long as what we've done previously. This concept is going to be that way, pretty intense, in-depth and length - and hopefully a masterpiece."

Will it stay that length?

Well, were were hoping we'd get it onto one CD, but knowing that a CD holds only 80 minutes, it's looking that we'll have two CDs I guess."

Is the material taking shape to the point that you can't edit it down?

"I think there is one idea that we can afford to leave off, but the rest is still going to run about an hour and a half."

Describe the material?

"It's tough and we are ready for anything. The only thing I know is that it sounds like music," he laughs! "Hopefully songs that sound like music - that's all I can say."

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