JUDAS PRIEST - K.K. Gets Violent! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"Working day and night, night and day," laughs K.K., asked about progress on Nostradamus. "I can't say too much about it, because it's still evolving. It's a work in progress. The only thing I can say is that if you can please relate, Martin, to all of the metal fans out there, that we're hard at work and will deliver it as soon as we can, and we're looking forward to getting on tour, and we'll be in your town as soon as we can get there. Especially Toronto. I mean, we love Canada; Canada is fantastic for us. When I speak to anybody from Canada, I give them the statistic that we sell more records in Canada pro rata, for the population, than anywhere else in the world. Isn't that interesting? I know that, because I've got the pleasure of having some gold records on the wall, and we've had more from Canada than anywhere else - how about that?"

And to pull off this bit of psychic metal majesty, the Priest boys have been dedicated students of the man-seer known as Nostradamus... "Yes, in fact, we all kind of picked up stuff here and there. It's amazing what people have got in their collections if you dig deep enough. I think even my mother had something on him in her bookcase, which she passed on to me, which was really cool. But I think there is just so much intrigue and cool stuff going on there. And Rob does look a bit like Nostradamus these days, doesn't he? (laughs)."

See www.kkdowning.net for a ground floor peek at K.K.'s cool new site, and www.violentstorm.net for more on Mick Cervino's new band, album, and ensuing plans.