K.K. DOWNING Interview Page 3
from BW&BK Magazine

Is this coming together at the pace you expected?

"We're belting along now. All the songs are down and formatted ... were just getting ready to get Rob over now and looking forward to hearing his lyrics on this new record and us putting it all together."

What's your timeline? Will Nostradamus be out by the summer time?

"Yes, definitely. We may be back on the road in the summer, maybe late summer. There's always somewhere in the world Priest can tour, so we'll be looking to get out there and play some shows."

Are you getting cabin fever?

"You do don't you? When you finish a world tour like we did - we did almost 18 months of touring. I think we did the Ozzfest and the European festivals before we even released our last record (Angel Of Retribution). And then we did a world tour with that. It's amazing, time goes by and you look forward to getting out there and cranking it up you know."